BOOT 2018

GAVIN Watersports is presenting the GAVIN NT 2018 on the boot 2018 in Düsseldorf

GAVIN NT XLT extension


Also the XLT conversion for the NT basis version has been introduced.
It is now possible to extend the range of fun with 2 additional battery packs


GAVIN XLT 95 study

The new concept study of the GAVIN NT Scooter has been presented. It is equipped with a 1100watt powerful motor. Therefore our most advantaged propeller has been redesigned to a counter rotating propeller setup. This will ensure pure power without torque.

the motorcompartmend will hold the motor and the controller. The XLT extension will have room for the liIon power pack and the multi pack switchblock.

First weekend February 2018, visit us on the DUIKVAKER 2018
Explore the new concepts XLT and XLT 95 as well as the upgrades of the GAVIN NT

You are the owner of an old GAVIN, use our Trade In SPECIAL for your upgrade.